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GTL Antiquities: Aged Bronze Finish

Antiquities Bronze are cast for us in the US using lead free pewter, and then clad in brass.
To achieve the aged effect shown at left in each photo, we use our Brown Patina
(available in the Tools, Supplies category). You receive the casting aged, but if you prefer the raw brass please let us know via email and we will send them accordingly!

For more information and tips on using our patina,
please check our FAQ section.

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[BR] Padlock Charm
$3.00Out of Stock
[BR] Victorian Skeleton Key
$4.25Out of Stock
[BR] Torse Cross
$4.50Out of Stock
[BR] Scarab Charm
$2.75Out of Stock
[BR] Holy Family Cross
$2.50Out of Stock
[BR] Cross of the Trinity
$3.25Out of Stock
[BR] Papal Connector
$3.00Out of Stock
[BR] Eiffel Tower Plaque
$5.25Out of Stock
[BR] Lady of Lujan
$4.50Out of Stock
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