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Rhinestone Findings

Our rhinestone findings are plated in sterling, and may be aged using our Silver Darkener for Antiquities.
Vintage Swarovski Drops, Jet
$5.00Out of Stock
Vintage Swarovski Drops, Chalk
$4.00Out of Stock
4.5mm Bezel Drop
$3.50Out of Stock
8mm Rhinestone Beads
$5.00Out of Stock
6mm Rhinestone Beads
$4.00Out of Stock
Pearl Rondelles
$6.00Out of Stock
Classic Rhinestone Cross
$3.00Out of Stock
Vintage Rhinestone Curb Chain
$5.00Out of Stock
4mm Rhinestone Rondelles
$2.00Out of Stock
Rhinestone Tube Beads
$4.00Out of Stock